UPDATE: Due to the time and space demands of treat-making alone, Bunfectionary no longer manufacturers toys. However, it does pass on its design ideas to others. That drill press sure looked good on the dining table, though.  

It is all about the accessories this year! Inspired by the fashion headlines last month and Bottega Veneta’s woven leather, this cute clutch comes straight from the bun-way. Fun and functional, the Bunny Clutch is filled with sweet orchard grass, tasty treats and some chewy surprises too. Made with a Busy Bunny Seagrass Mat and adorned with a Yucca button and a shredders handle, the Clutch measures about 11? across and about 5? tall. Handmade by the couture seamstresses of Bunny Bytes.

The Bunny Clutch

NO LONGER AVAILABLE DUE TO GRASS BALLS DISCONTINUATION: We are proud to introduce our first toy, the Bundue Pot. A “pot” made with a Busy Bunny grass ball and yucca holds three crunchy maple sticks, topped with Bunfectionary’s own Bunny Biscotti (banana). Bunny Biscotti are a wholesome, healthy treat made with Bunny Bytes own whole Timothy hay, juiced carrots, pumpkin, banana, vanilla, xanthan gum (a natural binder), and cinnamon.

Fondue weather is here!