It is all about the grass

The Bunfectionary logo

Today we launched our new logo, at least virtually. Working with the talented DeShetler Design, we whittled nine concepts down to three, then down to one. Then we went through several iterations, and numerous fonts, and a florist’s worth of colors. The result is not what we had originally sought, but it is so much more. Nicknamed the “mystical bunny,” the grass blades imply the shape of a rabbit. The bunny’s face shows bliss and contentment, with a hint of a smile and a squinting eye as if in the sunshine or getting a head rub. The font has a certain playfulness but remains legible and modern; the dot over the “i” has been replaced with a small leaf, reinforcing the naturalness of our products.

We believe it delicately–and ingeniously–reminds everyone of the importance of hay in a rabbit’s diet.