How to Order

Bunfectionary products are available:

Violet, Elvis, and Pika’s foster mom’s online store

In Scottsdale at Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

In Georgia at the Georgia House Rabbit Society

In Los Angeles at Rosie Bunny Bean

In Richmond, CA and online at House Rabbit Society-Rabbit Center

In St Louis, MO at Missouri House Rabbit Society-St Louis

In San Diego at San Diego House Rabbit Society, foster home of our latest family member, six year old black mini lop, Diego.

In Seattle at Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle, our trusted vet, who is so conveniently located across the street from an auto parts store.

In San Antonio at Alamo City House Rabbits

Triangle Rabbits of central North Carolina now sells Bunny Biscotti at its events.

As more retailers carry our Bunny Biscotti, we will update you via this page as well as through Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

If you are a retailer or rescue interested in selling Bunny Biscotti, please contact us directly.

Bunfectionary pledges to not sell its products to pet stores that stock animals from bunny, kitten, and puppy mills.