Bunny Biscotti

Bunny Biscotti were created for the health and happiness of our own bunnies. These treats are made of whole Timothy hay, and vegetable and fruit purees, as well as flavoring agents like herbs, spices, flowers, and extracts, and natural binders. Bunny Biscotti are free of grains, animal products, seeds, nuts, and oils. There are no added sweeteners, starches, fats or proteins. The whole hay allows for plenty of teeth grinding for good dental hygiene, and lots of fiber for healthy digestion. The flavors and smells are all bunny favorites. We know that you will enjoy giving them as much as bunnies enjoy eating them. Clicking each picture below shows how much tooth-grinding texture there is in each treat, as well as nibbles of colorful vegetables, herbs, and flowers (pictures are fine, so download may be slow).

Flavors currently in production include:

  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Apple with Cranberry
  • Apple with Blueberry
  • Apple with Strawberry
  • Carrot with Raisins and Fennel

Bunny Biscotti Sampler Boxes are no longer available.

Please note: Despite having molds made for smaller treats, we returned to our original shape, the biscotti, or to be proper, the Italian cantucci. The length of hay stems, panicles, and leaves can remain longer, there is less chafe during shipping, and the treats are much faster to produce. 

With each Bunny Biscotti batch we make, we seem to discover something new about making our treats. Since each batch is made by hand, we’ll experiment with the methods, although the ingredients always stay  the same. For example, with fennel sprouting in our summer gardens, we add fresh green fennel fronds to the mix instead of the ground fennel bulb we add in the winter. Or last night we discovered that juiced beets provide better color than pureed beets. It tastes the same, or so Tilbert and Violet seem to say, but we think you’ll appreciate the extra steps it takes to produce the more vivid color.

Bunny Biscotti has been trademarked and is patented. Bunny Biscotti are registered with the State of Washington Department of Agriculture.