About us

The Bunfectionary has many beginnings, but most certainly it was born the day after I was laid off. The HR rep called late that morning to check on me. Even for a spring day in Seattle, it was amazingly beautiful, with sunlight streaming through the branches, blossoms and my window. As HR guy asked how I was, Tilbert began doing binkies around my legs. I started to laugh, and the more I laughed, the more animated Tilbert’s binkies grew. I realized then that everything was going to be alright. HR guy nervously again asked if I was OK. Between laughs, I told HR guy I was fine, but I bet he thought I was losing it. But we bunny lovers all know better.

As I spent more time with Tilbert, and my design clients all wanted to give him treats, I began to realize how unhealthy commercial rabbit treats actually are. Full of sugar, grains, fat, and even dairy and egg products, they were in fact, the opposite of what a bunny should be fed. And so I turned my interest in cooking towards making a better bunny treat, one free of grains, fat, and excessive carbohydrates, but full of hay and fiber. I wanted a tasty treat that built relationships between humans and bunnies, yet at the same time maintained the delicate and healthy diet of herbivores.

Our testers


Bunfectionary and Bunny Biscotti Hay Treats have been registered with the States of Washington, California, Georgia, Arizona, Missouri, and Texas. Each product carries a Guaranteed Analysis, provided by an independent laboratory.

Bunfectionary, the Bunfectionary logo, and the name Bunny Biscotti have been approved as Registered Trademarks. Bunny Biscotti is patented.