Morning Cuteness

Seattle summer is the most gorgeous weather when it comes. But we are off to s low start again this year. But don’t feel sorry for us, because in two weeks, we will have the bluest skies, the whitest, fluffiest clouds, cherries in our front yards, and no humidity.

In the meantime, this little guy took advantage of a really bright sun break this morning in a tree outside our office before getting onto his busy day of foraging.

Getting the backside
And switch for the front.

And then Tilbert, not to be outdone for cuteness, just sat on the chair waiting for me to take his picture. He almost approached Galoshes in her ability to strike poses.

Tranquility Trails

We just shipped off our first package of Bunny Biscotti Hay Treats to Tranquility Trails Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Sanctuary. And Tilbert and Violet offered up their tasters’ treats, CompingChafe, to the rescue buns awaiting their forever homes. Chomping Chafe makes a great snack hidden in a corner, or sprinkled on what used to be my night stand for a midnight snack.
T and V even signed the packing slip!

Tinker, tinker, tinker

Each Bunny Biscotti batch we make, we seem to discover something new about making our treats. Since each batch is made by hand, we’ll experiment with the methods, although the ingredients always stay  the same. For example, with our own summer  fennel sprouting in our gardens, we add fresh green fennel fronds to the mix instead of the ground fennel bulb we add in the winter. Or last night we discovered that juiced beets provide better color than pureed beets. It tastes the same, or so Tilbert and Violet seem to say, but we think you’ll appreciate the extra steps it takes to produce the more vivid color.
And despite having molds made for smaller treats, we have decided to return to our original shape, the biscotti, or to be proper, the Italian cantucci. The hay stems, panicles, and leaves can remain longer, there is less chafe during shipping, and are much faster to produce.  The other shapes will be available by special order.

New Bunny Handbag

Violet’s feet look like bunny high heels. So to accessorize, we announced our line of handbags, made for Bunfectionary by (We wanted Bottega Veneta, but they could not meet our specifications for woven grass instead of leather.)

Violet's stylish shoes

This month, with BunnyBytes, we bring out our new beach bag, inspired by Mom’s beach tote. But instead of copper tone, fritos, and pop, it is full of summer fun for your bunny.

Life's a Beach

Everything your bunny will need for a day at the beach… Ray-Buns, Flip Hops and a palm fan all in a cute Bunny Beach Bag! The Ray-Buns are made with apple twigs and yucca and The Flip Hops are heavy cardboard adorned with shredders and a Pumpkin Cruncher flower. The Beach Bag is a seagrass mat decorated with shredder trim.

Here come the Bunny Macarons!

We just finished up a new batch of our Bunny Biscotti Macarons, and even made a donation of our new boxed set to the Rabbit Meadows dinner and auction. (No pictures until the big unveiling!) The box was part of our “Parisian Collection” with BunnyBytes, and included the Bunny Clutch Purse and the Bun-glasses.

Macarons for bunnies

Yucca slices are naturally dyed with fruits and vegetables to achieve the same beautiful hues of regular French (Parisian) Macarons. Left to right are beet, carrot, spinach, and blueberry. All our filled with our own Banana Bunny Biscotti Hay Treat mixture, made with whole Timothy hay, pumpkin, and banana.

The Ascension of Bunnies

Almost as good as my dream of skydiving with Tilbert: I dreamt last night that the Vatican has been suppressing evidence that the Ascension of Christ was based on myth of rabbits ascending into heaven, and that their “tuffets” or “tutus” or “dust ruffles” is a symbol of the cloud of exhaust. And the Bayeux Tapestry has been edited to remove the rabbit priests that made up the early Vatican, but to this day, the Papal Mitre still shows, or alludes to, two upright bunny ears. Dan Brown, eat your heart out. [update: after receiving numerous responses to watch South Park Hare Club for Men, we rest our case for Peter Rabbit.]

Bunny Violet chases her purse

Violet enjoys her Bunny Clutch Purse in this video. She chases her woven grass “purse” around to get at the hay inside. This is why I sometimes find it clear down the hallway. Although there is a whole bundle of equally fresh grass readily accessible just 6 feet away, she prefers the challenge of getting it from the purse. There are a few treats mixed in, like broken Bunny Biscotti, dried carrot, and dried fennel fronds. Designed by Bunfectionary, sold by

Bead Board to Protect Wiring

From This Old House.

Hide Home Office Wiring (and protect it from bunnies)

How to do it: Run wiring behind a beadboard panel in the knee-hole at the back of your desk.Velcro the panel to blocking mounted on the rear legs or sides of your desk so that you can pop it off to access the outlet.

Removable bead board to protect wires