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Deadly plants in your garden

Deadly Garden Plants

While most bunny owners know of the dangers of prunus (e.g., cherry, plums), the garden is full of deadly plants. This Old …

In a cabin in the woods, Little bunny at the window stood, saw a rabbit hopping by, so she rushed her to get her away from her territory.

Maddie goes to vet again

Maddie went to the vet again. Her abscess came back with a vengeance, and the vet believed it to be a bad tooth causing …

Bunny tattoo in the worst way

Entomologist JohnnyFedora demonstrated the biting, rash, and blistering from bed bugs by giving himself a rabbit-shaped tattoo.  See the video here  

Living room before the bunnies took over

A makeover for bunny housing

When Rose, Lily, Buttercup, Flower, and Maddie joined the household, there was a major shift in the house layout. Rose gets along …


An updated look

We are in the throes of revising this website so it appears on all sorts of devices, from your desktop while working …

tarot daisuy 867fa3ae9aef7da08259586def95a7e7_large

Bunny Tarot Cards

If a new pack of tarot cards are in your future–and a good reader would know this, right?–then be sure to check …

Guaranteed Analysis

Last November, we completed the last of the requirements for Guaranteed Analysis of our products. All pet food labels require a guaranteed …

Tilbert graces the Pets and Vets of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine February 2014

Tilbert makes Seattle Met top pet

Tilbert was selected as one of the city’s top pets in Seattle Met Magazine February 2014 issue. Of the hundreds of photos received, …