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Hoppy Hour

Love the idea of letting all these bunnies play together! check out the videos from Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society and the San …


HRS Conference

  Bunfectionary will be at the House Rabbit Society Educators Conference in St Louis, September 26-28. This is our first rabbit conference, …

foody garden tower

Gardening tower

At a recent gathering of budding companies, we met the owner of these vertical gardens. Needing only 20″ diameter for the pot …

Flower, Lily, and Buttercup

Trio of testers

Lily feels no threat with her guardian siblings: legs out and facing the wall. Oddly enough, she is the most curious bunny …

Deadly plants in your garden

Deadly Garden Plants

While most bunny owners know of the dangers of prunus (e.g., cherry, plums), the garden is full of deadly plants. This Old …

In a cabin in the woods, Little bunny at the window stood, saw a rabbit hopping by, so she rushed her to get her away from her territory.

Maddie goes to vet again

Maddie went to the vet again. Her abscess came back with a vengeance, and the vet believed it to be a bad tooth causing …

Bunny tattoo in the worst way

Entomologist JohnnyFedora demonstrated the biting, rash, and blistering from bed bugs by giving himself a rabbit-shaped tattoo.  See the video here  

Living room before the bunnies took over

A makeover for bunny housing

When Rose, Lily, Buttercup, Flower, and Maddie joined the household, there was a major shift in the house layout. Rose gets along …