These custom dyed yucca pieces are bound for the elves at BunnyBytes, where they will be made into fun chew toys. We just made the switch from spinach to parsley for the green, and met with eight paws up from Tilbert and Violet. And the red–not as purple as the picture–is made from beets and their own wild blackberries.

Custom yucca pieces with berry/beets and parsley.

What saith the rabbit

The Rabbit of Caerbannog has spoken, and requested a few regal changes to  his own Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch:

We added braided wheatgrass, crossed it as on the original Hand Grenade, and removed the packet of bits that made such a mess.

Holy Hand Grenade: Rabbit’s Revenge

We also made it available to retailers since we couldn’t get our butt into gear to sell online ourselves. Check out Bunny Bytes Saturday, September 1.


Run away, run away–Rabbit’s Revenge, Holy Hand Grenade

Run away, run away!

The Rabbit of Caerbannog has returned with his own Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!

Holy Hand Grenade, Rabbit's Revenge

But the only thing to explode will be your bunny as he binkies with joy at getting this grass and willow ball festooned with delicious yucca dyed with Bunfectionary’s own spinach and beet dyes. Big raffia ears replace the cross on top. And deep inside is a small paper bag filled with Timothy hay, crumbled Bunny Biscotti, dehydrated carrot and beet pulp.

Now, go change your armor!

Here come the Bunny Macarons!

We just finished up a new batch of our Bunny Biscotti Macarons, and even made a donation of our new boxed set to the Rabbit Meadows dinner and auction. (No pictures until the big unveiling!) The box was part of our “Parisian Collection” with BunnyBytes, and included the Bunny Clutch Purse and the Bun-glasses.

Macarons for bunnies

Yucca slices are naturally dyed with fruits and vegetables to achieve the same beautiful hues of regular French (Parisian) Macarons. Left to right are beet, carrot, spinach, and blueberry. All our filled with our own Banana Bunny Biscotti Hay Treat mixture, made with whole Timothy hay, pumpkin, and banana.

Bunny Macarons

Just in time for Easter, Bunfectionary releases its new line of Bunny Biscotti Macarons. In vibrant colors and soft pastels, these may look good enough, but they are strictly for the bunnies and other herbivores. The inside filling is our own Bunny Biscotti, full of Timothy hay and flavored with ripe bananas and cinnamon. The exterior shells are sliced yucca, hand dyed with fruit and vegetables, including red and golden beets, spinach, carrots, blueberries, and mango. Click here to learn more about Bunny Biscotti.

Bunny Biscotti Macarons

Project Bun-way

It is all about the accessories this year! Inspired by the fashion headlines last month and Bottega Veneta’s woven leather, this cute clutch comes straight from the bun-way. Fun and functional, the Bunny Clutch is filled with sweet orchard grass, tasty treats and some chewy surprises too. Made with a Busy Bunny Seagrass Mat and adorned with a Yucca button and a shredders handle, the Clutch measures about 11″ across and about 5″ tall. Handmade by the couture seamstresses of Bunny Bytes

Toys are here!

What bunny doesn’t love toys? And here is a toy that you both will love, a fondue pot made with a grass ball, yucca, and maple sticks with our own Bunny Biscotti. Place it on the ground and let your bunny nibble at the ball, legs, or if like Violet, grab a stick and run!

Fondue weather is here!