Violet enjoys a flop and face wash.

Violet has this sweet habit of flopping on her side and washing her face. She closes her eyes in contentment. After uprighting herself, she dives in for a cecal pellet snack. In the background, you can hear Tilbert eating breakfast. Click on the photo or here.

Violet multi-tasks with a flop and face cleaning.

Carrot top pesto for people

Needless to say, we often buy carrots with the frilly green tops just for the bunnies. But we have been making a few dishes over the past few years that use the tops for people. Recently, we came across this recipe on NPR for a pesto.

1 cup lightly packed carrot leaves (stems removed)

6 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

1 large garlic clove

1/4 teaspoon kosher or fine sea salt

3 tablespoons pine nuts, toasted (see below)

1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, preferably Parmigiano-Reggiano (directions)

Heart Beets Box

Check out the latest little gift box from our friends at! Each festive tin contains an assortment of large and small Heart Beets, in our original Heart shape. And you will notice when you receive the order how much more red they are now. Same large amount of hay, but we found a way to get more color.

FD012bh Heartbeets from
FD012bh Heartbeets from

An Evening of Chanoyu and Discussion of the Season

Noren design: Rabbit with grass against the moon

Spend a lovely evening in the beautiful new Seattle Keiro Garden discussing tea ceremony and the Four Seasonal Icons of Japanese autumn culture – “Mangetsu (full moon)Oborozuki (moon obscured by clouds), Susuki (autumn grass), and Usagi (rabbits). Learn why rabbits and autumn grass are paired and why the moon hides behind clouds in this candlelit presentation, followed by a Ryurei style chanoyu (tea ‘ceremony’ performed seated at a table). Masaye Okano (Sosei) Nakagawa will demonstrate this painless way to learn Chanoyu and lead the discussion. volunteers from the East West Chanoyu Centerwill serve tea and sweets. Tea will be from MyGreenTea and Japanese traditional sweets will be from Tokara.


Masaye Okano (Sosei) Nakagawa

Friday, September 28 — 6:00 p.m. ~ 7:30 p.m.

•Location: Seattle Keiro Garden •Limit: 20

Contact Yukie Uto

Tuition: $

What’s Opera doc?

Caught myself snoring last night along with the two snoring bunnies: I sang tenor, Violet sang soprano, and poor Tilbert sang castrato.

Violet’s 3rd Anniversary (and Bunfectionary’s 1st Anniversary!)

Today marks Violet’s third anniversary in joining us at her forever home. To mark this day, last year we officially launched Bunfectionary.

We celebrated with a midnight snack of carrot tops and rosemary branches, and a cup of herbal tea based on our Floral Bunny Biscotti (minus the hay).

Macs in a box

Introducing our new gift box of Bunny Biscotti Banana Macarons. Each sliding box opens to reveal a dozen colorful macarons, dyed with our own fruit and vegetable pulp dyes. These are a perfect gift for not just that special bunny or Guinea pig, but for special people with bunnies in their lives. They also would make an exceptional host/ess gift for a bunny lover. Bring these instead of that flabby chardonnay, and be the hit of the party!

Bunny Biscotti in the gift box
One dozen delicious Banana Bunny Biscotti Macarons, made with hay, pumpkin, banana, romaine, banana and vanilla extracts, and xanthan gum (a natural binder).
Bunny Biscotti Hay Treats, Banana Macarons with (top) beet, spinach, carrot, and blueberry


These will be available August 1, directly from Bunfectionary.

Run away, run away–Rabbit’s Revenge, Holy Hand Grenade

Run away, run away!

The Rabbit of Caerbannog has returned with his own Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!

Holy Hand Grenade, Rabbit's Revenge

But the only thing to explode will be your bunny as he binkies with joy at getting this grass and willow ball festooned with delicious yucca dyed with Bunfectionary’s own spinach and beet dyes. Big raffia ears replace the cross on top. And deep inside is a small paper bag filled with Timothy hay, crumbled Bunny Biscotti, dehydrated carrot and beet pulp.

Now, go change your armor!