Triangle Rabbits of North Carolina Now Stocking Bunny Biscotti

The smart bunnies of the Research Triangle did their research and decided they want Bunny Biscotti Hay Treats! Triangle Rabbits of central North Carolina now sells Bunny Biscotti at their events. They sold out at the first event before we even had a chance to post this.

We had to revise our labels to meet the North Carolina State Agriculture standards, so be on the look out for the new look as it rolls out. Below is the label for our treats with apples (Washington, of course!) and blueberries.

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They currently stock the Banana treats and the Apple with Blueberries treats.

Find Triangle Rabbits at  Facebook, MeetUp, and Twitter.

Website hacked

Nov 4, 2017

We apologize for the lack of new content, and some very old items. Our site was hacked and it has taken us a bit of time to slowly bring it all back. But find up to date info, and the latest pictures of our testing team on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We love Instagram–just bunnies and more bunnies (and a few vintage Mustangs).


Heart Beet returns

The original Heart Beet shape returns! Officially known as Beet and Mint, this deep red Bunny Biscotti was originally named Heart Beet and came in a heart shape. We will be returning to this shape for this flavor for the sole reason that it is darn cute to watch a bunny runs away with a heart in its mouth.

Heart Beet Bunny Biscotti
Heart Beet Bunny Biscotti

Bunny-Palooza 2016

Bunfectionary will be at Bunny-Palooza again this year in Hillsboro, OR. Rabbit Advocates has  put together its second festival of the bunnies at the same location outside of Portland, OR.

Saturday, November 5, 2016
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Washington County Fairgrounds
Cloverleaf Building
802 NE 28th Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97124

We will have all the favorite Bunny Biscotti flavors: Carrot & Fennel, Carrot & Raisin, Banana, Floral Bouquet, Pineapple & Mint, Beet & Mint, and our four berry and apple flavors: Strawberry & Mint, Blackberry & Mint, Cranberry & Mint, and Blueberry & Mint. We also will have double the number of the popular Variety Boxes that we had last year.

You can read a bit more about Bunfectionary in the Rabbit Advocates’ Spring 2016 newsletter.

Be sure to introduce yourself!

New packaging for freshness and safety and good looks!

Resealable Bunny Biscotti stand up pouch
Resealable Bunny Biscotti stand up pouch

Bunfectionary introduced new packaging for Bunny Biscotti last year at the Midwest Bunfest. The new packaging comprises an outer layer of richly-textured green rice paper, a PET layer, a LLDPE layer, a ziplock closure and tear notch, and a horizontal window so that customers can see the product before purchase. The package also has a gusset that allows it to stand up, and a hold can be punched above the heat seal line for hanging.

The rice paper helps protect the colors of the fruits and herbs from UV fading and discoloration, as well giving the pouch a unique texture and appearance.

Each package is heat sealed for fresh, long-lasting flavor and safety, and carries a Guaranteed Analysis Label.

Here is how we have changed over the past years.

viva Bunny Biscotti, aka Patent #9023409B2

On May 5, 2015, we celebrated the US Patent Office granting the patent for Bunny Biscotti. Bunny Biscotti is the first and only non grain, vegan treat for herbivores. Unlike other treats, it does not depend on glutens or other starches or sugars to bind it together. Nor does it depend on animal products like meat, eggs or yogurt.

It seems like ages ago since we devoured a package of rabbit treats after a late night party, and we realized that humans should not be able to eat bunny treats and vice versa.

Many thanks to all of you for your support, and special big hugs to our testers, Jenny at Bunny Bytes, Jason Stone, Cooley, to Tilbert and my gluten-intolerant friend for the inspiration. And of course, to our wonderful retailers, without whose trust and support this venture would never have survived.

Georgia House Rabbit Society to carry Bunny Biscotti

We are so happy to announce that Georgia House Rabbit Society will be carrying Bunny Biscotti. We first came across them when they had issues with land zoning and their new shelter–and won! Now they are trying to renovate their shelter with the help of, which is a television show concept that will renovate or build animal shelters in struggling communities. GA HRS has been chosen to be one of the first six episodes of this reality concept show. “The show is modeled after the reality show “Extreme Makeover, Home Edition “and the plan is they will come in and give [the] Rabbit Center a much needed remodel, expansion and other perks,  however the most important thing is the National spotlight that will happen for rescued rabbits!”

Bunny Biscotti gets its own identity

Sometimes a professional strong arms eyes you into seeing what you have been trying to avoid. In our case, our graphic designer showed us what we have been missing with the Bunny Biscotti label: a unified look that sets the product from the brand, and allows for differentiation between each product and flavor. She proposed a new label to replace the two labels, balancing the elements and in better proportion to the bag itself.

Previous labels were not in proportion to one another or the bag.
Previous labels were not in proportion to one another or the bag.


New label unifies the information of the two labels
New label unifies the information of the two labels

The new label uses a classically-styled font, Trajan, conveys steadfastness and yet with a modern look as well as capturing the idea of the sharp edges of the hay blades.

Single label is in better proportion and shows more product.
Single label is in better proportion and shows more product. (And I have no idea why WordPress is making the image so green.)

In the new packaging, the two labels are not competing against one another for your eye. And although the bag above shows a 1oz bag, and not the 2oz bag, so much more of the product is visible. In addition to the Bunny Biscotti Original label, we will be introducing a new label for the Bunny Biscotti Macarons, and the upcoming Bunny Biscotti Sampler boxes.

HRS Conference



Bunfectionary will be at the House Rabbit Society Educators Conference in St Louis, September 26-28. This is our first rabbit conference, and our first time sponsoring. We’ll have bags of rabbit treats–our signature Bunny Biscotti–for sale as well as some new ones, with proceeds to benefit the House Rabbit Society.

Gardening tower

At a recent gathering of budding companies, we met the owner of these vertical gardens. Needing only 20″ diameter for the pot itself (your plant needs may differ) they can stack up to 62″ high, and grow everything from basil to carrots to lavender. It uses a hydroponic system to water and nourish the plants. A base mounted on ball bearings allows it to turn readily for even light.

foody garden tower

We would imagine that our testers would pretty much decimate the lower level.