Guaranteed Analysis

Last November, we completed the last of the requirements for Guaranteed Analysis of our products. All pet food labels require a guaranteed analysis on the label to advise the purchaser of the product’s nutrient content. The only exception is for products that do not and are not intended to provide protein, fat or fiber (for example, vitamin and mineral supplements), in which case the product is exempt from guarantees for those components. Previously, Washington State had not required this of treat manufacturers. However, we are now proud labelers of our own GA stickers and holder of all the documentation that the independent laboratory produced for us. 140130-GA stciker

Look for this label to know that the moisture, fiber, fat and protein are guaranteed on every Bunny Biscotti you feed your furry one.

Tilbert makes Seattle Met top pet

Tilbert was selected as one of the city’s top pets in Seattle Met Magazine February 2014 issue. Of the hundreds of photos received, he was the only bunny (!) and placed 3rd runner up. The photoshoot was pretty funny, with Violet hopping around getting all nosey, and Tilbert knocking over a glass of port causing the room to smell like a big party.

Tilbert graces the Pets and Vets of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine February 2014
Tilbert graces the Pets and Vets of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine February 2014

Guaranteed Analysis here we come!

Ten pounds of Bunny Biscotti all packaged up and ready to be shipped for Guaranteed Analysis. Soon we’ll be labeling all of our products with Fiber, Fat, Protein and Moisture. Thank the Bunny on the Moon we did not have to actually form each for testing, and could simply send in bulk bags!

Being the only treat on the market made with whole hay and no added sugars, fats, or animal products, we are expecting to knock it out of the ballpark in the Fiber category.

Packed up and ready for guarantee analysis!
Packed up and ready for guarantee analysis!

Xmas fun

Tilbert hates car rides, but loves car magazines and cars made of yucca.

Violet, meanwhile, enjoys her dinner of romaine, parsley, and Bunfectionary Chomping Chafe, a mixture of Bunny Biscotti chafe, dried vegetables, and tasty experiments like spinach paper, pineapple glass, and fruit powders.

Midnight snack does not mean noon

I have the feeling that Tilbert is waiting for his midnight snack at noon. They have gotten used to getting a snack on the former night stand (now the Raisin Altar). And the past two weeks he has been ravenous, devouring his greens and dancing around my feet for his pellets (when he is not simply camped by his pellet bowl). Both bunnies have a healthy appetite for hay, but they haven’t been as interested in that as veggies. Side note: Mom came up and saw the gold-rimmed bowl full of greens, and exclaimed, “Are you using your grandmother’s Lenox bowl to feed your bunnies?!”

Tilbert on his Raisin Altar

Fennel returns

Fennel is back!

Fennel Fronds

Did you know that the word fennel comes from the Latin word feniculum or foeniculum, meaning “little hay”? Is it any wonder that bunnies go crazy for it? Fennel can be incredibly sweet as well, especially Sweet Florence Fennel, often found in markets. Flavors range from the ubiquitous licorice or anise with lovely undertones of citrus such as lemon, orange, and tangerine.

Although it is known for stimulating appetite, from ancient time it has been known to help flatulence as found in this Latin phrase “semen foeniculi pellit spiracula culi,” which literally means “the fennel seeds make blow the arsehole” (or at least says Wikipedia).

All parts of the fennel plant are edible, from the big white root bulb to the stalk, fronds, seeds and its highly-sought pollen. Bunfectionary’s tasting team love the sweet anise flavor of the fronds with a light lemony undertone, and the stalks make tasty chew toys.

Macs in a box

Introducing our new gift box of Bunny Biscotti Banana Macarons. Each sliding box opens to reveal a dozen colorful macarons, dyed with our own fruit and vegetable pulp dyes. These are a perfect gift for not just that special bunny or Guinea pig, but for special people with bunnies in their lives. They also would make an exceptional host/ess gift for a bunny lover. Bring these instead of that flabby chardonnay, and be the hit of the party!

Bunny Biscotti in the gift box
One dozen delicious Banana Bunny Biscotti Macarons, made with hay, pumpkin, banana, romaine, banana and vanilla extracts, and xanthan gum (a natural binder).
Bunny Biscotti Hay Treats, Banana Macarons with (top) beet, spinach, carrot, and blueberry


These will be available August 1, directly from Bunfectionary.

In the mountains at Mountain Aire Mercantile

UPDATE: New owners and merchandising. No longer available at this location

When we are not playing serf to our long-eared overlords, we run a small architecture business, specializing in residential and commercial design. We were approached last year to improve a space for a coffee shop/grocery store. The owners decided on a DIY approach, but we are happy to report that they opened, and are now carrying Bunny Biscotti!

If you are heading to Mount Rainier for some hiking, camping or outdoor fun, stop by Mountain Aire Mercantile for some coffee, provisions, music, and of course, Bunny Biscotti for your bun friends. And don’t forget that other herbivores love them as well–try some for your horses and goats, or pick up a bag for a unique host/ess gift when visiting a friend with  hay-eating friends.

Natural Foods Grocery of Mountain Aire Mercantile

Floral Biscotti returning with Hibiscus

We are happy to announce that we will resume production of Floral Biscotti later this month and that we have added a new flower, Hibiscus.  Hibiscus has become a favorite in herbal teas the last few years, but has deep cultural roots all over the world. Below are a few pictures of this lovely flower, of which there are hundreds of hybrids.

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