Bunny macarons for us

This is our first attempt at the bunny-shaped macarons.

Macarons prior to being baked–not really this pink.
The finished macarons , with Tilbert in the far right corner, and Violet with her arched eyebrows in the foreground. In the office, Violet often cocks one ear at me, and keeps the other towards the outside. Made some lemon macarons as well.

Next time, we will lower heat, and try a white buttercream. Too many cecal pellets and bunny poops sort of turn me off of chocolate bunny butts.

Macs in a box

Introducing our new gift box of Bunny Biscotti Banana Macarons. Each sliding box opens to reveal a dozen colorful macarons, dyed with our own fruit and vegetable pulp dyes. These are a perfect gift for not just that special bunny or Guinea pig, but for special people with bunnies in their lives. They also would make an exceptional host/ess gift for a bunny lover. Bring these instead of that flabby chardonnay, and be the hit of the party!

Bunny Biscotti in the gift box
One dozen delicious Banana Bunny Biscotti Macarons, made with hay, pumpkin, banana, romaine, banana and vanilla extracts, and xanthan gum (a natural binder).
Bunny Biscotti Hay Treats, Banana Macarons with (top) beet, spinach, carrot, and blueberry


These will be available August 1, directly from Bunfectionary.

Here come the Bunny Macarons!

We just finished up a new batch of our Bunny Biscotti Macarons, and even made a donation of our new boxed set to the Rabbit Meadows dinner and auction. (No pictures until the big unveiling!) The box was part of our “Parisian Collection” with BunnyBytes, and included the Bunny Clutch Purse and the Bun-glasses.

Macarons for bunnies

Yucca slices are naturally dyed with fruits and vegetables to achieve the same beautiful hues of regular French (Parisian) Macarons. Left to right are beet, carrot, spinach, and blueberry. All our filled with our own Banana Bunny Biscotti Hay Treat mixture, made with whole Timothy hay, pumpkin, and banana.

Bunny Macarons

Just in time for Easter, Bunfectionary releases its new line of Bunny Biscotti Macarons. In vibrant colors and soft pastels, these may look good enough, but they are strictly for the bunnies and other herbivores. The inside filling is our own Bunny Biscotti, full of Timothy hay and flavored with ripe bananas and cinnamon. The exterior shells are sliced yucca, hand dyed with fruit and vegetables, including red and golden beets, spinach, carrots, blueberries, and mango. Click here to learn more about Bunny Biscotti.

Bunny Biscotti Macarons

Bunny shaped French Macarons (for people!)

Please don’t scream when you see these utterly cute treats–bunnies have such sensitive ears! While researching French Macarons for Bunfectionary’s newly-introduced line of treats, Bunny Biscotti Macarons, we came across this inventive take on the traditional French Macaron.


The author includes directions for making these as well as a recipe. (We prefer the Cooks Illustrated recipe, which is posted all over the web.) You gotta love someone who attached chocolate sprinkles with tweezers.


For the recipe, click here