Guaranteed Analysis here we come!

Ten pounds of Bunny Biscotti all packaged up and ready to be shipped for Guaranteed Analysis. Soon we’ll be labeling all of our products with Fiber, Fat, Protein and Moisture. Thank the Bunny on the Moon we did not have to actually form each for testing, and could simply send in bulk bags!

Being the only treat on the market made with whole hay and no added sugars, fats, or animal products, we are expecting to knock it out of the ballpark in the Fiber category.

Packed up and ready for guarantee analysis!
Packed up and ready for guarantee analysis!

Bunfectionary now at Pioneer Pet Feed and Supply

UPDATE: No longer available here.

Bunfectionary products are now at Pioneer Pet Feed and Supply in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Located at 87 & 1/2 South Washington Street, Seattle’s only vintage pet supply store. It may been the first fire-roof building after the Great Seattle Fire.  Proprietor David sources great local and natural products from treats and feed to adorable catnip filled burlap “animals” printed with veggie dyes.


Macs in a box

Introducing our new gift box of Bunny Biscotti Banana Macarons. Each sliding box opens to reveal a dozen colorful macarons, dyed with our own fruit and vegetable pulp dyes. These are a perfect gift for not just that special bunny or Guinea pig, but for special people with bunnies in their lives. They also would make an exceptional host/ess gift for a bunny lover. Bring these instead of that flabby chardonnay, and be the hit of the party!

Bunny Biscotti in the gift box
One dozen delicious Banana Bunny Biscotti Macarons, made with hay, pumpkin, banana, romaine, banana and vanilla extracts, and xanthan gum (a natural binder).
Bunny Biscotti Hay Treats, Banana Macarons with (top) beet, spinach, carrot, and blueberry


These will be available August 1, directly from Bunfectionary.

In the mountains at Mountain Aire Mercantile

UPDATE: New owners and merchandising. No longer available at this location

When we are not playing serf to our long-eared overlords, we run a small architecture business, specializing in residential and commercial design. We were approached last year to improve a space for a coffee shop/grocery store. The owners decided on a DIY approach, but we are happy to report that they opened, and are now carrying Bunny Biscotti!

If you are heading to Mount Rainier for some hiking, camping or outdoor fun, stop by Mountain Aire Mercantile for some coffee, provisions, music, and of course, Bunny Biscotti for your bun friends. And don’t forget that other herbivores love them as well–try some for your horses and goats, or pick up a bag for a unique host/ess gift when visiting a friend with  hay-eating friends.

Natural Foods Grocery of Mountain Aire Mercantile