Maddie on the news

One of our testers, Maddie, was featured on KOMO news yesterday morning. She appeared twice, first live, and then recorded for later viewing. Her publicist refused the request for two live viewings as Maddie had a busy Easter weekend. Maddie-IMG_7939

Thump like a pirate day

Walking through a pet store today, we saw this pretty young girl being carried around by an employee. Of course we followed the employee to the back of the store, where Bunbun was placed in the cart next to the employee who continued with feeding the fish.

BunBun the Pirate Bunny

When I requested to take a picture, she offered to put his Halloween pirate cap on, but I said no, because I love to look at those BIG white ears.

Midnight snack does not mean noon

I have the feeling that Tilbert is waiting for his midnight snack at noon. They have gotten used to getting a snack on the former night stand (now the Raisin Altar). And the past two weeks he has been ravenous, devouring his greens and dancing around my feet for his pellets (when he is not simply camped by his pellet bowl). Both bunnies have a healthy appetite for hay, but they haven’t been as interested in that as veggies. Side note: Mom came up and saw the gold-rimmed bowl full of greens, and exclaimed, “Are you using your grandmother’s Lenox bowl to feed your bunnies?!”

Tilbert on his Raisin Altar

Proof Bunnies like a clean house

Maddie proves that bunnies like to keep a clean house. Her owner asked us to bunnysit for a few days. He had thought a litterbox would be too hard for her to enter with only three legs, so she never got a proper box. But she proved us wrong and took to using it in less than a day. We used techniques that we learned from Kicked, Bitten and Scratched to change her habit of peeing in the left corner and pooping in the center of her xpen. We placed the letterbox in that left corner, moved the xpen so it blocked access to the side of the letterbox, and placed hay, pellets and veggies into the box so she associated it with good things. We also placed the veggie bowl on cup to raise it a bit as she seemed to back onto the plate and do her business there. 

And 1 week later, her owner reports that she has not gone anywhere except her box. Just goes to prove that we need to put ourselves in the bunny’s head when litterbox training.

What saith the rabbit

The Rabbit of Caerbannog has spoken, and requested a few regal changes to  his own Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch:

We added braided wheatgrass, crossed it as on the original Hand Grenade, and removed the packet of bits that made such a mess.

Holy Hand Grenade: Rabbit’s Revenge

We also made it available to retailers since we couldn’t get our butt into gear to sell online ourselves. Check out Bunny Bytes Saturday, September 1.


Flying Fur and Witch Hazel

Like all bunnies expressing happiness, Tilbert and Violet “shudder”. But during shedding season, when the fur goes flying in all directions before they scamper off, it reminds me of Witch Hazel from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Witch Hazel and her hair pins that go flying when she is excited from Bugs Bunny



Athletic bunny legs

Violet says eat right, get plenty of exercise, and always approve of any photo of your butt before it hits the internet.

Tilbert and Violet relax–well, Violet shows off her muscular thighs like an Olympian jumper.