An Evening of Chanoyu and Discussion of the Season

Noren design: Rabbit with grass against the moon

Spend a lovely evening in the beautiful new Seattle Keiro Garden discussing tea ceremony and the Four Seasonal Icons of Japanese autumn culture – “Mangetsu (full moon)Oborozuki (moon obscured by clouds), Susuki (autumn grass), and Usagi (rabbits). Learn why rabbits and autumn grass are paired and why the moon hides behind clouds in this candlelit presentation, followed by a Ryurei style chanoyu (tea ‘ceremony’ performed seated at a table). Masaye Okano (Sosei) Nakagawa will demonstrate this painless way to learn Chanoyu and lead the discussion. volunteers from the East West Chanoyu Centerwill serve tea and sweets. Tea will be from MyGreenTea and Japanese traditional sweets will be from Tokara.


Masaye Okano (Sosei) Nakagawa

Friday, September 28 — 6:00 p.m. ~ 7:30 p.m.

•Location: Seattle Keiro Garden •Limit: 20

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Tuition: $